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Its History

The Grange School was founded in 1928 by John A. S. Jackson. Mr. Jackson was a man of vision, a “porteño” of British origin who, on 4th June 1928, achieved his dream of founding a Chilean institution broadly based on traditional British educational principles. The Grange School started with only 12 boys, all of whom became boarders, and this number grew steadily following the extraordinary success of Mr John Jackson’s vision. In the early ‘70s, our School experienced its greatest change ever – it no longer was a boarding school and become a coeducation project, and the roll reached a record number of pupils.

Throughout its history, The Grange School has faithfully adhered to our Founder´s educational philosophy based on developing the potential of every pupil through a commitment to discipline and good manners. This all-rounder concept is linked to the renaissance ideal of an integrated, holistic education, where the mental, physical, social and moral coalesce to give balance and enhance individual growth. Furthermore, the spirit of Fair Play underpins all aspects of life at school and encourages respect for universal values.


To this day, many Old Grangonians fondly remember the likes of Captain Balfour, Mrs Ethel Balfour, Don Ignacio Quinteros, Mr and Mrs Scott and many others. This site is a contribution to preserve the memory of The Grange School.