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Pond at the end of the steeplechase, the most feared part of the race. Image shows pupuils jumping into the muddy water.

Dr. Michael Varley (Headmaster) participating in the 1978 steeplechase.

In the 70s, The Grange pupils celebrated an annual kermesse where there were "carros alegóricos" and princesses.

IMG.1: Carro alegórico

IMG.2: 1978 Princess: Antonia Subercaseaux

Steeplechase is a race introduced in Chile by John A.S. Jackson at the Grange since the early 30s, and kept as atradition to this present date.

A video time lapse of the 90 year anniversary celebration

Spring Parade at The Grange
Two girls in front of the school which is decorated for the spring parade.

In November 1968, HRM Queen Elizabeth II visits Chile on an official tour during President Frei Montalva's presidency. during her visit, she visited The Grange School.

IMG.1: HRM Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh being welcomed.


Margaret Thatcher visits The Grange School in 1996, with the purpose of inaugurating the Thatcher Building for Lower Prep.

IMG.1: Margaret Thatcher autographs book witter by her called Downing Street Years.

IMG.2: Margaret Thatcher visits the…

Prince of Wales Edward VIII
In 1931, HRH the Prince of Wales Edward VIII, who would later become King, visited The Grange School located in Pedro de Valdivia. He was received by Headmaster John A.S. Jackson and the pupils of the School.

90 years celebration. Pupils and staff formed the number "90" on the field for an aerial photo.

IMG.1: Celebration of the 90 years anniversary, which took place in the field of The Grange School, Príncipe de Gales 6154.

IMG.2: 90th Anniversary…
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