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Letters from John Jackson to John Scott, inviting him to work at the Grange School.

IMG.1: Letter from J. Jackson inviting his nephew J. Scott to work at The Grange. (1952)

IMG.2: Reply from J. Scott to Mr. Jackson accepting his offer.…

Photo of the central garden, fountain and surroundings of the time, used for the gryphon cover of the date.

IMG.1: Gryphon cover 1978

IMG.2: Jackson Quad 1978

John Jackson prays for the Lord's blessing upon the School, continued by the Lord's Prayer.

First school magazine ever published, in Easter, winter and summer of 1937. In those days, the Gryphon was a magazine with articles, news, information of interest, even puzzles. It wasn't a yearbook as we know it today.


Founder of The Grange School

IMG.1: Portrait of John A.S. Jackson

IMG.2: John Jackson in 1913, at the age of 15.

IMG.3: Mr. John Jackson in 1918, when he joined the Royal Army during the First World War.

IMG.4: Mr. John Jackson in 1935.…
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