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A film of The Grange School in 1950. Buildings and pupils. WATCH HERE.

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TECHAR logo of pilars. These pillars were designed in 2012 when pupils and staff met to discuss the fundamental values of The Grange School. As a result, we have The Grange School pillars.

Video conmemorating the death of old grangonian students that formed part of the john jackson educational foundation (JJEF) and passed away anywhere in between 2019 to 2021. This video was created to show at a private JJEF assembly in april 2021 to…

Revista anual publicado por el Departamento de Castellano de The Grange School.

Newspaper cover of January 31, 1933. Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the German Government

Newspaper cover showing the Cuban crisis. Ex Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista seeks refuge in República Dominicana.

Cover of Friday 10 November, 1989, showing the fall of the Berlin wall.

Newspaper cover of June 29, 1968, showing the first heart transplant in Chile.

Photo of the central garden, fountain and surroundings of the time, used for the gryphon cover of the date.

IMG.1: Gryphon cover 1978

IMG.2: Jackson Quad 1978

Generation 2009 filmed a farewell video, with lipdub included, as they began on the 3rd floor of the José Donoso Resource Centre, and crossed the whole campus with "I Gotta Feeling", Black Eyed Peas son in the background. CLICK HERE TO WATCH
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