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2019 version of The Grange School Institutional Educational Project, which announces the mission and direction the School is taking towards the future, based on its principles and values embraced by its founder.

Rules and norms that are imposed by the authorities of The Grange School, with the purpose of achieving its mission.

Newspaper cover of January 31, 1933. Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the German Government

Newspaper cover showing the Cuban crisis. Ex Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista seeks refuge in República Dominicana.

Cover of Friday 10 November, 1989, showing the fall of the Berlin wall.

Newspaper cover of June 29, 1968, showing the first heart transplant in Chile.

Book written by Margaret Thatcher. During her visit in 1994, she autogrphed the book.

IMG.1: Book cover

IMG.2: Preface

IMG.2: Autograph

This webpage presents the members of the Senior Management Team and Board members.

Book published by Origo Ediciones on behalf of The Grange School which narrates the history and accounts of the success of the institution.

IMG.1:Book cover

IMG.2: Preface

IMG.3: Preface continued

IMG.4: Book editorial information…

Founder of The Grange School

IMG.1: Portrait of John A.S. Jackson

IMG.2: John Jackson in 1913, at the age of 15.

IMG.3: Mr. John Jackson in 1918, when he joined the Royal Army during the First World War.

IMG.4: Mr. John Jackson in 1935.…
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