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2019 version of The Grange School Institutional Educational Project, which announces the mission and direction the School is taking towards the future, based on its principles and values embraced by its founder.

Reglamento Interno
Rules and norms that are imposed by the authorities of The Grange School, with the purpose of achieving its mission.

School Facts 2021
This webpage presents the members of the Senior Management Team and Board members.

Well Done!
Book published by Origo Ediciones on behalf of The Grange School which narrates the history and accounts of the success of the institution.

IMG.1:Book cover

IMG.2: Preface

IMG.3: Preface continued

IMG.4: Book editorial information…

La Papelera 2020
Revista anual publicado por el Departamento de Castellano de The Grange School.

The Gryphon 1937
First school magazine ever published, in Easter, winter and summer of 1937. In those days, the Gryphon was a magazine with articles, news, information of interest, even puzzles. It wasn't a yearbook as we know it today.


La Papelera 2019
Revista literaria que contiene material creado por miembros de la comunidad Grange durante el año.

La Papelera 2021
Literary magazine created by the Spanish Dept. with works created by pupils throughout the year.

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John Jackson prays for the Lord's blessing upon the School, continued by the Lord's Prayer.

The Grange School History
Video that summarizes the history of The Grange School since its beginning.
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