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Equipo de Crickert 1933
Differente teams of a variety of disciplins that represented The Grange School in 1930.

Chilean-British soldiers, of which many gave up their lives during the Second World War.

IMG.1: Old Grangonians who served in the allied lines during the Second Wold War, 1939- 1945.

IMG.2: Died in the Second World War, place and manner of the…

Visita Ilustre,2000.
IMG.1: The writer and poet Volodia Teitelboim is present at Library Week, 2000.

IMG.2: Cultural talk by Mr. Scott, Architect of English nationality.

IMG.3: Baroque Concert. Cultural Activity during the week of the Library celebration,…


!989 photo of 1st XV rugby team. Coach was Brian Jackson.

Annual photo of John Jackson XV composed of pupils from Grange, Mackay and Craighouse. We see Mr. Juan Carlos Jung in the photograph.

Official First XV photo taken in 1988. The Head of Rugby in those days was Brian Jackson.

Photo of annual athletics team, in the John JAckson Quad.

Atheltics fermale team. Consuelo Rodríguez was the coach.

Colour photos recovered from steeplechase. We may appreciate pupils and adults in the pond.
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