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Oficial team photo of the Senior Footbal Team taken in 1947, befor the pillars of the New Building.

Sixth form is composed by the last two years of secondary education, between 16 and 18 years of age.

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Admin staff photograph, believed to be taken in 1998.

Front row, from left to right: Rafael Farfan, Arturo Morales, Soledad Correa, Ronald Brown, Nancy Norton, Daniel Montenegro, Keka Lira.

Middle row, from left to right: Humberto Oyarce,…

1950 Cricket Team poses for their official photo.

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Upper Prep Colour Captains in 1979.

This photo shows the 1983 Senior Girls Athletics Team. Recognizable is Claudia Lobo, OG and teacher of the Grange School.

Administrative staff photo taken in 2010. Mr. Cristián Pubill was the
bursar, and Mr. Rachid Benammar was the headmaster.

Staff pictures taken in 2016.

IMG.1: Administrative staff

IMG.2: Upper Prep staff

IMG.3: Senior Staff

IMG.4: Sports Staff

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During the world pandemic, in December 2020, The Grnge School music departments from all levels organised a virtual Christmas concert. Among pupils and staff of the School, we acknowledge Miss Lulú Corcuera, Mis María Gracia Vera, Miss Andrea…

Institutional video created for the 90 years conmemoration of our Founder, Mr. John A. S. Jackson. WATCH HERE.
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