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Mr. John A. S. Jackson
Founder of The Grange School

IMG.1: Portrait of John A.S. Jackson

IMG.2: John Jackson in 1913, at the age of 15.

IMG.3: Mr. John Jackson in 1918, when he joined the Royal Army during the First World War.

IMG.4: Mr. John Jackson in 1935.…

Mr. Richard Rachid Benammar
Photos of Mr. Rachid Benammar, Headmaster of The Grange School between 2007 and 2021.

IMG.1: Mr. Benammar at his desk. hotograph taken in March, 2010.

IMG.2: Mr. Benammar delivering a message at the John Jackson Quad, September 2016.


Mrs. Ethel M. Balfour
Photo of Mrs Ethel M. Balfour, wife to Captain Balfour, at her O'Higgins condecoration ceremony in 1969.

Administrative Staff 2010
Aministrative staff of The Grange School in 2010

The Grange School Headmaster 2022
Mr. Nicholas Eatough, UCL graduate, stands in front of the John Jackson statue at the John Scott quad.IMG.1: Mr. Eatough posing in the John Jackson Quad.IMG.2: Mr Eatough posing with Mr. Jackson in the background.

Mr Jackson and His Family
All the family, Jean being John's wife and Wendy, John, Victoria and David being John's Jackson children.

2016 Lower Prep Staff Photo
2016 LP Staff photograph

Captain Balfour Portrait
Portrait of Captain Balfour in his youth, presumably during the 20s or 30s.

Grange Staff Football Team
Grange staff football team composed of teachers , admin staff, and ancillary staff.

Top (left to right): R. Farfán (Rafita), H Oyarce (Beto), R. Castillo, R. Liebner, R. Cortinez, C. Inalef, C Pubill
Bottom (left to right):J. Quivira, C.…

Staff Mock Photo
Senior staff pastoral team dress up as pupils. Among others, we see Hernán Rivas, René Liebner, Myriam Munzenmayer, Irene Villarroel, Andrew Wood, Claudia Moncada, Marcela Guerra, Marcela González, Patricia Urzúa, Marilyn Reuter, Angéliza Urzúa,…
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