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Photos of different classes taken in school and published in the Gryphon.


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4EM-A 2020
Class photo of 4th medio A during the global pandemic and shutdown in 2020, when school was online.

2EM-A 2019
Class photo of 2nd medio A in 2019.

Class Photo 6B
6 basico B, boys class photo.

Last Day IV-C
Fourth medio C takes one last picture on a hot day.

Mixed class of 1975
One of the first mixed classes in 1975.

4 Medios 1943
4 medio A and B

Christmas Photo 1929
Group photo of whole school at Pedro de Valdivia house, known as Villa Ángela, in 1929. Mr. John Jackson, Jean Jackson, Captain Balfour and Mrs. Balfour in the photo.

Pedro de Valdivia Class
Class photo at Pedro de Valdivia, known as Villa Ángela.

Class Photo 4A 59
Class pictura of 4A Prep in 1959.

Sixth Form 1964
Sixth form is composed by the last two years of secondary education, between 16 and 18 years of age.
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