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Senior Women Athletics Team
Women athletics team of 1993.

7-A-Side Team of 1966
A photo of the 7-a-Side Team of 1966.

1996 First XV South Africa Tour
Photo of the First XV rugby team selected for the South Africa tour

Boxing used to be a sport developed and practiced at The Grange.

IMG.1: Pupils walk towards the boxing ring.

IMG.2: Pupil in his corner prepares to box. Sergio de Castro Spikula.

IMG.3: Pupils in action.

Cricket Team
One of the first Grange cricket teams.

Seven-A-Side Winners
1981 seven-a-side winners, accompanied by Mr. Varley and M. Jung.

1930 Football Team
Team phtograph of the 1930 football team. The picture was taken at Villa √Āngela, on Pedro de Valdivia Avenue.

Hockey Team 1932
Photograph of the School hockey team in 1932.

Hockey Team 1981
Photograph of the 5th Prep hockey team in 1981.

Junior Rugby 1981
Photograph of Junior Rubgy Team, 1981.
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