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4th medio Beach Day. 4th medios have the tradition of coming to school with some kind of amusing garment. In this case, they named it Beach Day.

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A film of The Grange School in 1950. Buildings and pupils. WATCH HERE.

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Filmed by Rodrigo Arbat, this digitized 10 mm film shows pupils playing rugby and ftbol. In the background, we see The New Building and The Assembly Hall. WATCH HERE.

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Generation 2009 filmed a farewell video, with lipdub included, as they began on the 3rd floor of the José Donoso Resource Centre, and crossed the whole campus with "I Gotta Feeling", Black Eyed Peas son in the background. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

During late 2020, schools were allowed to return to class under strict norms and policies. The images in this item reflect how The Grange pupils were required to stand in order to do their register prior to entering their classrooms.

Group photo taken in 1976, just a few years after The Grange became co-educational; arrival of the girls.

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Group photo of 1987.
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