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Debate group that was organising the 2020 Grange Model United Nations Conference (GRAMUN), which was cancelled last minute due to the pandemic (March 2020).

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During late 2020, schools were allowed to return to class under strict norms and policies. The images in this item reflect how The Grange pupils were required to stand in order to do their register prior to entering their classrooms.

P-PREF-89. 203
2020 prefects were invited to a session in the kitchen. Accompanied by the SMT, pupils learnt how to bake.

IMG.1: Group photo of prefects. From left to right: C. Manzur, M. Saez, J. Fischer, M. Gatica, S. Donoso, A. Benitez, S. Ali-Shah, A. Borda,…

Photo of Lower Prep Staff February 2020. Mr Rachid Benammar as Headmaster, and Mrs. Carmen Gloria Gómez as Head of Lower.

Class photo of 4th medio A during the global pandemic and shutdown in 2020, when school was online.

Revista anual publicado por el Departamento de Castellano de The Grange School.
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