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Document received in 2022 by Humberto Garbarino Silva, which recounts Grange Staff up to the year 2000, aprox.

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Admin staff photograph, believed to be taken in 1998.

Front row, from left to right: Rafael Farfan, Arturo Morales, Soledad Correa, Ronald Brown, Nancy Norton, Daniel Montenegro, Keka Lira.

Middle row, from left to right: Humberto Oyarce,…

Staff pictures taken in 2016.

IMG.1: Administrative staff

IMG.2: Upper Prep staff

IMG.3: Senior Staff

IMG.4: Sports Staff

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Photo taken of staff and pupils of the Grange School in 1937, just arrived at the new campus.

M-SPAS-83. 182
Senior staff pastoral team dress up as pupils. Among others, we see Hernán Rivas, René Liebner, Myriam Munzenmayer, Irene Villarroel, Andrew Wood, Claudia Moncada, Marcela Guerra, Marcela González, Patricia Urzúa, Marilyn Reuter, Angéliza Urzúa,…

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Grange staff football team composed of teachers , admin staff, and ancillary staff.

Top (left to right): R. Farfán (Rafita), H Oyarce (Beto), R. Castillo, R. Liebner, R. Cortinez, C. Inalef, C Pubill
Bottom (left to right):J. Quivira, C.…

Mr. Nicholas Eatough, UCL graduate, stands in front of the John Jackson statue at the John Scott quad.IMG.1: Mr. Eatough posing in the John Jackson Quad.IMG.2: Mr Eatough posing with Mr. Jackson in the background.

Aministrative staff of The Grange School in 2010
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